Things I'll never say

Shaky and teary eyed, with no love to embrace me. I never heard the words "I love you" and no one ever held my hand.
Mourning through this symphony of tears i'm laying down tonight, I long to look into those warm brown eyes whlie feeling the nearness of you, somewhere far away from chaos, despair and all the monsters that haunt me everytime i try to live through another day.
If only I could hear the words that cross your mind when you look at me, If only I could find myself some room in your soul...

Because you see it all like the ocean, like your gorgeous heart; inmense, deep, yet unknown to me.. Oh, how I wish to drown in those waters! To be part of the fascinating world you live in, to share every single smile and to lock all your pain and all your sorrows inside my sick, humble heart.
Only you can brighten up my days. For you I'd wait a thousand winters against my bittersweet lack of patience, but sometimes you grow so distant that I can only hear your footsteps from far away, while the weight of reality slices me into tiny little pieces with every single step you take.

Maybe you are my favorite drug, maybe I've got nothing else to hold on to, maybe one day we'll pretend we never met, maybe you'll just forget me in the blink of an eye, maybe this is only a vivid dream...

Or maybe i'm talking way too much.

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