Ágætis Byrjun; simple things i love.

Hugs that come out of nowhere.
Laughing at my own laugh.
The sound of the rain.
The colour blue.
The fact that i love the colour blue without it being my favourite.
Stepping on crunchy, dry leaves.
People laughing at my silliest jokes.
Getting flower bouquets as a present.
Making people smile.
Inside jokes.
Dreaming awake.
Laughing at my own clumsiness.
Waking up to find my cat sleeping next to me.
Cooking for someone else.
Freezing cold yet sunny, winter days.
Hair bows.
Singing songs from The Phantom Of The Opera in the shower.
A smile in particular.
Any kind of feedback.
Wishing upon shooting stars.
Happy tears.
When iFrog plays that song i was hoping to listen to.
Getting the perfect angle for a picture.
Being treated like a lady.
My grandma still calling me her "princess".
Boys who awkwardly blush at compliments.
Feeling helpful.
The blissful look on my best friend's eyes when she's dancing on stage.
Walks on the beach.
Being right.
Taking a last look in the mirror and thinking i look good enough.
Being able to smell flowers without feeling allergic.
Good manners.
Smelling a man's eau de parfum as he walks by.
Being different.
Realizing that in the end.. it's worth it.

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  1. es importante (y sabio) reconocer las cosas bellas y simples de la vida :)