Last November 25th reminded me of someone
Someone I loved but never had.
It's been five years since I had first met him
And two since I have seen him last.
His skin so pale and his eyes so blue
That smile he had, gorgeous.
I remember how hard it was to hug him, he was too tall for me to reach
And oh yes, he did joke about it.
No, I didn't mind.
Why? Because I loved him
Even though he never loved me back.
Oh Michael, will I ever forget?
Forget that you were the very first to truly steal my heart
But why do I still remember you anyway?
When you keep on forgetting me with every day that ends.
Twice I told you how I felt
Twice you said you didn't feel the same
For months I have waited, endured and cried
Still loving you with the worn out pieces of my sick, rotten heart.
But then you met her, you found her on your way
She, the one who stole you away from me
From my weak and useless grasp.
She then had your eyes
She took your heart, she bought your soul
And you were gone, forever.

2 comentarios:

  1. And he was dead (?)

    Froggie, lo amé. Incluso expele ese olor a Austen y Catherine bebiendo el té (hay olor a tilo... si).

    Alguna vez te dije lo profundamente enamorado que estoy de Cathy Earnshaw?

  2. :(

    Cathy Earnshaw, Wuthering Heights.. yo también lo estoy <3