Media Julieta I

Sí, también soy actriz, y en el colegio me eligieron para interpretar medio papel de Julieta en la adaptación truchísima de Romeo & Juliet que estamos preparando con mis compañeros de Inglés y nuestra profesora. Es pésima principalmente porque los alumnos fuimos quienes adaptamos el script original al inglés coloquial y resumimos las líneas, con lo cual arruinamos una pieza bellísima de la literatura y el teatro universal.

Mi participación en la obra consiste en la dramatización del papel protagónico a partir del casamiento con Romeo hasta el final, y como tengo que saber un par de escenas para este viernes, pensé en escribir algunas líneas -corregidas por mí sin permiso ni supervisión de mi profesora- en mi queridísimo corazón virtual.

Scene 9: Capulet's house

J: Go away, sun! Hide and let the night arrive... Night will bring Romeo back to my arms. (Enter Nurse) Tell me, nurse, what news do you bring about my beloved husband?

N: blah blah he's dead, blah blah

J: Oh, you have broken my heart! Both my corpse and Romeo's should lie on the same sad funeral carriage.

N: Tybalt dead, blah

J: So, Romeo has been murdered and my cousin Tybalt died?!

N: Tybalt gone, Romeo killed him / banished from Verona, blahblah men are all the same

J: Don't you speak like that of Romeo in my presence.

N: Are you defending the man who killed your cousin?

J: Shall I speak against my husband? (bursts into tears). Why have you done this, Romeo my love? I'm sure Tybalt wanted to kill him... Go away, tears! If Romeo is alive, then why am I crying? It's the word "banished" which fills my heart with sorrow, I can't stand the pain I feel right now. I will never see him again!

N: blahblah he's at Friar Lawrence's, i'll bring him to you

J: Please, so that we say our last goodbye.

Scene 11: Juliet's room

J: Are you leaving?

Romeo: I must go.

J: Oh please, stay! You don't need to go so soon.

R: blah blah don't care if i'm executed/ i want to stay too

J: No, they can't find you here, you're right, go.

N: (enters) Juliet, your mother's coming. (exits)

J: Goodbye my love. Please, take care and promise me you will let me know when you get to safety. Now go, it's getting cold and dark outside... Go, Romeo, go quickly!

R: just one kiss and i'll leave (NOT)

J: Promise that we'll see each other again.

R: We will. (exits)

Lady Capulet: (enters) don't cry for your cousin blahblah good news

J: i really need them.

LC: blahblahblah sth to cheer you up blah

J: What exactly?

LC: getting married count paris st peter's church blah make you a joyful bride blah

J: (rising her voice) He shall NOT make me a joyful bride!

(enter Nurse and Capulet)

*blabbering* (o sea, cero jotas)

C: blablah wtf's this isn't she proud?

J: I am thankful, but how can i be proud of marrying someone I don't love?

C: bullshit, you're marrying este flaco on Thursday, carajo (menos ganas de escribir cosas poco importantes...)

J: Father, listen to me!

C: (blabbering+complaining)

(exit LC and C)

J: Oh, nurse, what am I supposed to do? I'm already married!

N: blahblah forget Romeo and marry Paris

J: What?! are you serious?

N: yeah, like, duh (?)

J: (thinks) Well, fine. Then go and tell my mother that as I have displeased my father I'm going to Friar Lawrence's to confess and be forgiven, and I will marry Count Paris on Thursday.

N: blah (exits)

J: (to the audience) I'll go to the Friar and ask him to help me, but if everything fails I'll be ready to die.


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  1. C: bullshit, you're marrying este flaco on Thursday, carajo (menos ganas de escribir cosas poco importantes...)


  2. jajajjajajajja esa misma frase iba a comentar!! casi me hago pis. en serio.